REAL EXPERIENCE | Gareth’s Skin Journey

My Skin Experience by Gareth.

Read Gareth’s real experience with his skin journey; and the shared troubles faced by so many men.

Gareth's Story:

There is no shame in loving the skin that we’re in. But equally, there is no shame in using men’s makeup to skilfully control the way we want to be seen.

In recent years, there has been a colossal change in society’s attitude to men’s makeup. We have become bolder and less apologetic. We have become empowered to achieve the confidence we deserve.

As men, we have stopped and asked ourselves: why should we settle for second best skin?

Growing up, I battled with acne and rosacea. Each morning, a blotchy red complexion would greet me in the mirror and the crippling effect it had on my self-confidence stayed with me well into my late teens. I would see my friends with their unblemished male skin, without a care in the world. I would watch TV shows with male actors and feel even more insecure about my acne spots. 

Although people told me I looked fine, my self-confidence couldn’t have been worse. Insecurity started to affect my mood. It affected my ability to hold eye contact and my interest in going outside. I didn’t want to be sociable; I just wanted to be alone. Due to societal stigma about men wearing makeup and with barely any skincare lines for men and boys, I suffered in silence. 


…Until I realised I was worth more than the stigma.   


It is an understatement to say that my life changed when I started to use concealer at the age of seventeen. My rosacea still lurked under the surface, but my confidence changed forever. With a natural and thin coating of cosmetic armour, I regained who I was and how I wanted to be seen. 

Their commitment to authenticity and confidence is what inspired my love for BUG for Men as a brand. It is a brand that actively encourages males to embrace male skincare and remain committed to breaking down stigma. Using natural and vegan friendly ingredients such as oats and hops, their products are specifically designed for the physiology of male skin. In essence, BUG for Men’s skincare-first makeup for men aims to give confidence in a bottle.

For too long, stigma has made men reluctant to embrace makeup and skincare products. But ultimately, why can’t we be the ones who decide what is best for us and our skin? 

Black Nail Polish for Men
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