Four tips for perfect at-home nails.

Well-groomed nails are always a good way to make a solid first impression. Imagine turning up to an interview or a date and your nails are dirty, too long or chewed up. No thanks. These four simple tips will help improve your nail grooming routine.

1 – CUT
Trim the top part of your nails in a straight line using a nail scissors or clippers. Be careful when you trim as you don’t want to cut too short, so the nail becomes painful.

File your nails until you have a slightly rounded shape (or keep it squared off near the edges if you tend to get ingrown nails). Filing the borders will prevent your nails from snagging on any clothing or breaking.

Don’t forget your cuticles either! This is the tissue at the back of your nails connects your nail to your skin. Dried out cuticles don’t look great, so apply a little bit of oil or moisturiser and use the file to push the tissue toward your nail bed.

If there’s any annoying bits of skin hanging out from your nail, use the clippers to get rid so that it doesn’t snag and become painful.

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