Happy 1st Birthday to us.

Happy 1st Birthday to us.

Well, well, well… what a year it’s been!

What began as a little dream of ours has now become our reality! After spending months and months researching and developing products, alongside leading skincare and cosmetics experts, we finally launched this time last year!

We started out with Shameless Perfection®, our range of makeup for men. We created this to deal with the demands of male skin and focussed on getting instant natural looking results as well as ensuring the skincare-first range also had long-term benefits.

Our focus then turned to a second line of products. This is when Limitless®, our range of nail inks for men, was born. We created this to offer men another way to show off their style. And then most recently, we launched our range of accessories, the essential tools to make light work of your grooming routine. Launching eleven products in our first year has been truly amazing!

We cannot thank everyone enough for the insane amount of support and love we’ve received throughout the last year. To anyone that’s backed us, whether through purchasing a product, liking a post on social media, or just pure positivity, we want to say a massive THANK YOU!

You’ve have really made our dream a reality, and the good news is, we’re not stopping there! This year, we’re launching even more incredible products, ranges, and more!

Keep your eyes peeled on our socials for more information. 


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