What is the best makeup for men?

What is the best makeup for men?

What is the best makeup for men?

How to choose the right men’s makeup.

When choosing the right men’s makeup products, and even brands, there’s a lot of options out there – so what is the best makeup for men?

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  • Anti-Shine Serum
  • Mattifying Powder
  • Tinted Moisturiser
  • Concealer
  • Beard Filler
  • Brow Pencil




An anti-shine serum for men is a moisturiser that contains mattifying ingredients to remove and reduce the appearance of oily or shiny skin. A mattifying serum or balm is best used as the final step in your skincare routine (cleanse, tone, moisturise and then finish with an anti-shine product). What’s great about a mattifying serum is that it’s really easy to apply without the need for any brushes or sponges. If you’re bald or have a shaved head then the anti-shine moisturising serum is a great product to apply to your scalp too.

mattifying serum product info

The BUG for Men Mattifying Serum is an easy upgrade to your daily skincare routine that’ll leave your skin looking clean and fresh all day. It hydrates your skin using hero ingredients such as oats & hops which help tackle common skin complaints whilst controlling oil production and removing excess shine.


A mattifying powder is either a compressed or loose powder that creates a matt layer on top of your skin. The powder is generally applied using a makeup brush to dust and pat a layer of the powder onto your skin. A mattifying powder can be applied onto clean and prepped skin (cleansed, toned and moisturised) or as a final step to your total skincare and makeup routine.

At BUG for Men, we found that a hydrating mattifying serum offered better benefits and is much simpler to apply than a mattifying powder. We particularly like that you don’t need a makeup brush to apply it, just simply use your fingers.2. 


men’s tinted moisturiser is a moisturising cream that has a small amount of skin tone coloured pigment mixed in. The consistency is a smooth creamy liquid that’s easy to apply and spread across the skin. A tinted moisturiser hydrates your skin whilst the colour pigment helps smooth out your skin tone. The subtle colour pigment will help reduce redness, lightly cover imperfections and give a fit, fresh and healthy look to your complexion.

The BUG for Men tinted moisturiser is available in 3 subtle colours that adapt to blend with your natural skin tone. Simply choose the closest match from fair, medium and dark. Our tinted moisturiser is designed to be skincare first, packed with nutrients to provide lasting skincare benefits as well as instant visible results.


A concealer is a thick cream product packed with skin tone pigment to help cover up imperfections like spots, dark under-eye circles and more severe redness. The thickness of the concealer means a high level of coverage compared to a tinted moisturiser or a standard foundation. Concealer is typically used to treat specific areas of concern rather than being used all over your face.

A concealer is your eraser which makes it the perfect product for problem days. Concealer provides a simple fix to common everyday problems for men, such as tiredness and breakouts. When a spot appears, concealer is the perfect spot cover-up. When dark circles under your eyes are making you look tired, apply concealer and blend to make your face look fresh and awake. 

The BUG for Men concealer has been designed specifically for men’s skin. Formulated with our hero ingredients, our concealer gives instant visible results whilst helping to improve your long-term skin health. Available in 3 colours to suit your skin tone.


Beard filler simply does what it says – fills in your beard. Patchy beard hair growth is a problem for many men which can make it impossible to style your beard the way you’d like or can make your face look uneven. A simple beard filler can fill-in any hair free and patchy areas to give the appearance of a fuller beard. A beard filler pen or pencil can also be used to define your beard hair to give it a sharp, clean-cut edge – helping you look barber fresh for longer.

beard & brow stick product info

At BUG for Men we’ve developed a beard filler pencil with our Beard & Brow Stick  The pencil formulation itself is a thick charcoal pigmented paste, so thick that it’s almost solid for easy application – just like drawing with a pen or pencil. The formula sits inside a mechanical pencil and is angled with a flat edge that allows you to draw perfect hairline strokes to fill in your beard. On the opposite end of the stick is a small spiral brush to groom your hairs into the right position.

Pencil or Pen? A pencil style product is chalkier than a liquid pen, making it easy and smudge-free to apply with a more natural-looking matt-finish.

Pencil or Spray? A pencil style beard filler lets you fill in your beard more accurately than a spray, and with a more natural-looking finish with the ability to create hair strokes.


A Brow Pencil is used to fill in sparse hair areas on your eyebrows and to create your ideal shape. Your eyebrows are a really important facial feature that when shaped and defined correctly can completely transform your overall appearance. 

The BUG for Men Beard & Brow Stick is the ideal multi-purpose facial hair tool, perfect for eyebrows and beards alike. The tapered mechanical charcoal coloured pencil allows you to draw in fine hairline strokes for a natural-looking result. The spiral brush at the opposite end is perfect to groom your eyebrows into shape and keep any stray hairs in check.


How to apply men’s makeup.

To get the best results and most natural finish, it’s important to use the right tools to apply your cosmetics. We recommend the following with each of our products as the perfect tools for the best results:

Concealer + Face Sponge

Tinted Moisturiser + Face Sponge

Mattifying Serum + Face Sponge

Cleanser and Toner + Face Pads

BUG for Men

Men’s makeup expertly formulated for men’s skin.

Black Nail Polish for Men

Men’s skin is physiologically very different from woman’s. It’s thicker, oilier, and has the added stresses of shaving to contend with. That’s why when it comes to makeup and skincare, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ for both genders.
At BUG for Men, we’ve formulated our skincare and makeup in partnership with some of the UK’s leading experts specifically for the demands of male skin. Helping you look and feel great from the inside, out.

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